Week 7 Dy-Nasty Baseball Recap with Andrew Bailey of the Capital City Impalers!

Hey everyone, this is the last in a backlog of pods that have been waiting to be posted. This week Chris Austin (E-Ville Kodiaks) and Andrew Bailey (Capital City Impalers) do a recap of all that has happened in Dy-Nasty in week 7. With the backlog cleaned out now you can look forward to weekly recaps going forward, upgraded editing and even more content. We are planning on having new semi regular pods to introduce you to other owners in the league. We will talk about rebuild and contention strategies, and also be doing a team by team assessment of their minor league systems. So keep an ear out for all the great new stuff coming from us. We are hitting the dog days of summer, and as the weather heats up so does the Dy-Nasty Fantasy Baseball League!

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