The Claims Report (12/17/14)

TM Buffalo Bills

TM Buffalo Bills

The Claims Report is a Wednesday feature that will analyze weekly waiver additions.

I Need a Manziel, Not a Boykin claimed RB Matt Asiata

Matt Asiata’s back!

With Rashad Jennings battling an ankle injury and listed as doubtful for Sunday and Ahmad Bradshaw shelved for the year, the rumbling, plodding Asiata is an insurance policy heading into our final weekend of games. Of course, I Need a Manziel and Who’s Your Haddy? will be meeting in a meaningless consolation game, so really, nothing is on the line but pride. Still, no one likes to lose.

Beach Bums claimed TM Buffalo Bills

After taking a tough loss in the semi-finals a year ago, Beach Bums will look to cap the best season in franchise history by knocking off the defending champion Unicorns & Glitter!!! in another “for pride” match-up, this one for third place overall. The Bills get the Raiders, which is a recipe for lots and lots of defensive scoring.

The oddball aspect of this transaction is that Beach Bums are now carrying two defensive units into the last week of the season (the Rams are also rostered here). That means that, barring another move between now and Sunday, this squad will head into the off-season with two roster spots clogged by team defenses, which are extremely difficult to predict from year to year and rarely have the opportunity to see their value increased over the course of an off-season. Beach Bums’ defensive affinity is well-documented though (and carrying two defenses make pre-season cut-downs a piece of cake).

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