The Claims Report (11/18/15)

WR Jamison Crowder

WR Jamison Crowder

The Claims Report is a Wednesday feature that will analyze weekly waiver additions.

YOU LIKE THAT! claimed WR Jamison Crowder ($12)

In terms of role and usage, Jamison Crowder strikes me as a player becoming to the Redskins what guys like Kendall Wright and Jarvis Landry are to their respective teams. He’s not quite as good a player, but his role is growing and he’s being constantly fed targets (though not at the level of Wright or certainly Landry just yet). Like those players, he’s also more of a “floor” player than a “ceiling” player: a guy likely to safely net you 3-5 points per week who will occasionally toss a touchdown your way. Again, a watered down version of those other guys.

Crowder has posted four or more fantasy points in seven straight weeks and has posted six or more three times in that same span. Last week, the 5’8″ receiver logged his first touchdown. Those probably won’t come in bunches, but this guy’s a 22-year-old rookie that’s still developing. As it stands, he’s in there every time Washington deploys three receivers. At 7.5 targets/game over those same last seven weeks, I like this add a whole lot.

Mush claimed WR Dwayne Harris ($5)

Dwayne Harris has come from nowhere to score double digit points in three of his last four games, with one 0.10 point stinker thrown in to complicate matters. In the first of those four weeks, his points came primarily from a special teams touchdown, but hey, points are points.

This much is clear: he’s gaining repoire with Eli Manning. He’s getting 5.5 targets per game over his last seven and that includes a pair of games where he only got looked at two and three times respectively. So in games where he gets opportunities, he’s making hay. With other worldly Antonio Brown on bye this week, Harris is a really nice dart throw WR3.

Mush claimed WR Corey Brown ($5)

Corey Brown is sort of the anti-Jamison Crowder in that he has more ceiling than floor, and even at that, the ceiling isn’t particularly high. He’s maxed out at five targets in a game, which he’s done twice, and has been super touchdown dependent. With three scores on just 17 catches, he’s currently logging a 17.6% touchdown rate. You have to assume there’s some regression coming, which would be fine if he was getting volume to a point where his yards could offset the dwindling touchdowns.

Basically, he’s a guy who’s done good work in a small sample size but doesn’t appear to be a player you’d want to trust plugging into a starting spot.

Drugged Llamas claimed RB Mike Tolbert ($5)

In Week 9, our defending league champion started Bishop Sankey, the former top overall Dy-Nasty league pick who can’t even get on the field for the pathetic Titans, and Marcel Reece at running back. Sure, he’s lot Le’Veon Bell and had Chris Johnson on bye, but that just goes to show how truly bleak the running back situation for this squad is. When you’re picking up (and starting, apparently) Mike Tolbert, convicted touchdown vulture, you know times are tough. This is a guy notorious for his goal line work, yet here we are in Week 11 and he has two scores to his name — and both came in the same game.

This team is a mess.

Capital City FFC claimed DST Kansas City Chiefs ($3)

I sort of hate myself for carrying a second defense, but what’s on waivers is equally as depressing. I considered snagging Crowder, actually, but obviously didn’t. Oh well. The Chiefs defensive unit has scored double digits in all but two games this year and have good match-ups the next two weeks.

Mush claimed K Cairo Santos ($2)

What do you get when you have Alex Smith as your quarterback and Andy Reid as your head coach? Tons of field goals! Seriously, this guy has two 20+ point games this year. Kickers are so stupid.

Greased Up Deaf Guy claimed WR Lance Moore

The only thing I know about Lance Moore is that he agitates me every single week because I’ll see that the Lions scored a touchdown, get excited that maybe it was Calvin Johnson, but instead it was Lance Moore. Speaking of touchdown rate, this man has four scores on 25 catches — a rate of 16%. So you can just re-read the stuff about Corey Brown, but do so in an angrier voice because of the whole agitation thing I mentioned.

Greased Up Deaf Guy claimed WR Harry Douglas

I’m assuming here that Harry Douglas is just an insurance policy in case Kendall Wright can’t go again on Thursday night, but as of this moment he’s plugged in as a started. So I’m confused.

Douglas got targeted 14 times total in Weeks 2 and 3 but has just 17 targets in the balance of his games. He’s only managed 17 catches and has only one score. Basically, he’s the guy who your opponent starts in a FanDuel game just as a cheap punt play who will miraculously haul in 150 yards and three scores, defying all logic and bringing into question how much “skill” is actually involved in this game.

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