The Claims Report (11/13/13)

The Claims Report is a new Wednesday feature that will analyze weekly waiver additions.

Breaking Bradshaw claimed RB Brian Leonard ($15)

With this transaction, Breaking Bradshaw’s free agent budget account has officially been emptied. The good news? In doing so, Breaking Bradshaw added a running back that figures to get guaranteed touches down the stretch. The bad news? Brian Leonard isn’t very good.

Mush claimed RB Bobby Rainey ($5)

On the other hand, landing Bobby Rainey at a third of the price of Leonard is a sweet deal. He’ll get carries too and there’s a good chance he’ll end up dominating the work load since he’s younger, faster, and more talented than Leonard, who is really more of a third-down back.

Rice n Greens claimed RB Toby Gerhart ($1)

Two white running backs were claimed in the same week, which is newsworthy in and of itself.

Greased Up Deaf Guy claimed WR Santonio Holmes ($1)

This is interesting given that Holmes has been in the news this week for potentially being released this off-season. GUDG has plenty of decent receivers, but most of them are unreliable on a week-to-week basis. It doesn’t seem like Holmes will ever be a viable starter this season, but if he is indeed released, he could have value next year depending where he lands.

Greased Up Deaf Guy claimed TM St. Louis Rams ($1)

The Rams DST has been hit or miss this year, but when they’ve hit, they’ve hit big. They put up 29 points last week – thanks in part to a big Tavon Austin return – and have had outings of 19, 21, and 34 points in other weeks, good enough to make them the second-highest scoring unit at this position.

Breaking Bradshaw claimed WR Leonard Hankerson

Speaking of inconsistency…

Breaking Bradshaw claimed WR Da’Rick Rogers

To me, this is the most interesting pick-up of the week. Da’Rick Rogers is an extremely talented player who was a beast at the NFL Combine but still went undrafted because of numerous off the field character concerns. He was signed and eventually dropped by the Bills but landed in a good spot with the Colts, a team that rarely seems to have off-field issues with their players.

That said, Breaking Bradshaw is notoriously impatient. He traded for Jeremy Kerley and cut him 20 days later. He acquired Jon Baldwin and Zach Sudfeld and dumped both of them in a week. Maurice Jones-Drew barely learned the Breaking Bradshaw playbook before being traded away three weeks after being acquired.

Rogers is a project. Rarely do players come up from the practice squad and break out in the same week, so to expect significant production from the rookie right away would be unwise. Fortunately, Breaking Bradshaw is deep enough at receiver that he doesn’t need much, if anything, from Rogers. It’s just a matter of whether or not he’ll hang onto him and see his development through.

The Muscle Hamsters claimed RB Knile Davis

This is what happens when you don’t bid on Leonard and only throw $5 at Rainey: you get a handcuff.

The Muscle Hamsters claimed WR Justin Hunter

I’ve been debating for a few weeks what to do with Stephen Hill and finally made my decision this week. Early in the year, Hill was getting a ton of targets and there’s a good chance he continues to develop with Geno Smith, especially if Holmes leaves in the off-season. But he’s been wildly inconsistent since then and I’d rather bank on the upside of a Titan than a Jet. Plus, Hunter is the more all-around skilled player and, like Breaking Bradshaw, I can afford to devote a receiver slot to a developmental talent right now.

Greased Up Deaf Guy claimed TE Dennis Pitta

I mean, why not? Pitta is reportedly on the way back and we know that if he’s on the field, Joe Flacco will target him plenty. With Julius Thomas solidified as his starter and Martellus Bennett eternally on the trading block, Pitta represents another option with no risk and decent upside.

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