The Claims Report (10/14/15)

RB Charcandrick West

RB Charcandrick West

The Claims Report is a Wednesday feature that will analyze weekly waiver additions.

Greased Up Deaf Guy claimed RB Charcandrick West ($64)

When Jamaal Charles went down this week with a torn ACL, undrafted Chardandrick West immediately became the biggest waiver priority add of the year. He had already jumped Knile Davis on the Chiefs’ depth chart and head coach Andy Reid later stated that West would be his guy going forward. Of course, nothing an NFL coach says should be taken at face value, because NFL coaches believe there are huge on-field dividends to be gained from spewing bullshit into podium microphones.

At any rate, the components are there for West to do some work: he’s not overly agile (27th percentile agility score), but he did run a 4.51 40-yard dash and posted a burst score in the 96th percentile. In his last year of college, he also displayed some pass catching pedigree, which is paramount to fitting into a Reid offense. He won’t seamlessly fill Charles’ shoes, because Charles is one of the greatest running backs the league has ever seen, but any RB getting steady work is rightfully a hot fantasy commodity.

The obvious wildcard with West is Knile Davis, who despite losing his RB2 duties weeks ago has performed admirably in the past in Charles’ absence. Davis only had five games last year where he finished with double digit carries, yet he still finished as the overall RB32. If nothing else, there’s a very real scenario where West is leaned on between the 20’s and Davis becomes the Chiefs red zone runner. The caveat: the Chiefs offense wasn’t very good when their best player was healthy, so those red zone opportunities may be limited going forward without that player.

For Greased Up Deaf Guy, this clip-emptying move makes sense: at 1-4 and with the third-least points scored, the FAAB is meaningless. You don’t need to add weekly fliers and bye-week fillers when your team is out of it. You need to aggressively hunt game-changers. If West pops, he becomes an instant keeper contender or, more likely, trade candidate, in which case converting FAAB to roster assets is a massive win. If he stinks and Davis runs off with the job, oh well. You’re still [likely] outside the playoff bracket and only out of some fictitious cash.

Munney Men claimed WR Jaelen Strong ($19)

Here’s Jaelen Strong’s lineage in our league so far: drafted with the fourth pick in the second round by Munney Men, cut two weeks ago, finally gets playing time and converts two targets into two catches for two touchdowns, and then scooped back up by Munney Men for $19.

Manning’s Last Stand claimed WR Rishard Matthews ($6)

Basically, you can just re-read what was written about Rishard Matthews when he was added three weeks ago. Since then, not much has changed. He put up one more big start-worthy game, then a clunker, then the Dolphins went into their bye week in complete organizational disarray, as is their tradition.

Personally, I still don’t think Matthews is a trustworthy source of fantasy points. I really think we’re going to see more DeVante Parker now that the coaching deck chairs have been reshuffled. But again, the investment here is so low, it doesn’t really matter if he falls flat.

American Dream claimed DST New York Jets ($4)

Turnover machine Kirk Cousins has played well the past two weeks, which means he’s due for a few boneheaded picks. This is probably the week against a stout Jets D.

Manning’s Last Stand claimed WR Ted Ginn ($4)

Manning’s last stand is not working out at all for Manning’s Last Stand. Injuries and age have crushed this roster. Peyton looks finished, this squad’s top three RBs (Arian Foster, Frank Gore, Justin Forsett) have a combined age of 30.3, and either Ted Ginn or Matthews look poised to start as Father Time has ravaged Roddy White’s skills and Jay Gruden’s ball control offense has relegated Pierre Garcon to a route tree that’s limited him to less than 10 yards per catch through five weeks. A complete rebuild may be in the offing, in which case Ginn is, I guess, a decent stopgap. He’s yet to catch more than four balls in a game this year though and doesn’t have much of a track record. At some point, you’ve got to expect that efficiency to dwindle.

Greased Up Deaf Guy claimed RB Chris Thompson

Chris Thompson is carving out a Danny Woodhead/Shane Vereen role with the Redskins. He sneaks in a few highly efficient carries each week in between Alfred Morris and Matt Jones’ obnoxious timeshare and also gets a ton of passing down work. He’s been targeted 21 times over the past three games and converted those opportunities into 16 catches for 114 yards and a score. At this point, he’s nothing more than a desperation start, but you could do a lot worse at the back end of your stable of RBs. Best of all: he was free.

Greased Up Deaf Guy claimed K Adam Vinatieri

My greatest regret in life is not becoming an NFL kicker. This guy is in his 20th season and Sportrac says he’s made more than $35 million over that time. I know that football players don’t just show up on Sundays and do their thing — there’s a lot of time and preparation involved — but this dude has attempted 578 field goals in his career at a clip of $60,766+ per attempt. If you count extra point attempts, he’s made $26,852+ per time doing the thing he gets paid to do. That is bad ass.

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