The Claims Report (09/23/15)

QB Colin Kaepernick

QB Colin Kaepernick

The Claims Report is a Wednesday feature that will analyze weekly waiver additions.

Mush claimed QB Colin Kaepernick ($40)

When you’re 2-0 and likely without Drew Brees for a few games, this move makes sense. I do question the bid though. After getting cut last week for Alex Smith, Colin Kaepernick cleared waivers and was a free agent. He had a big 28.85 point fantasy day on Sunday, but that came against a pitiful Steelers secondary. It seems unlikely that anyone in our league (a) needs a quarterback all that much, and (b) saw that performance and put enough stock into it to suddenly be bidding on a player that was free days prior.

Ultimately, FAAB isn’t worth a ton and you’re better off breaking the bank on a player you want and/or need than pocketing it for a future question mark. But couldn’t Kaepernick have been had for $30? $20? $5? I just don’t think he’s that good of a player or there was that much of a demand. And frankly, if I were Mush, I would’ve been¬†comfortable enough starting Andy Dalton (although his upcoming schedule is a bit rough) that I’m not sure I’d throw down more than, say, $10 on Kaep at the absolute most — and that assumes I perceive there to have been a market for him.

Greased Up Deaf Guy claimed WR Rishard Matthews ($6)

The Dolphins released a new depth chart yesterday and Rishard Matthews is still listed behind Jarvis Landry, Greg Jennings, and Kenny Stills, though after two games he’s logged the second most targets (13) on the team behind only Landry (22). And this goes without mentioning first-round pick DeVante Parker, who missed a lot of off-season and preseason action and should quickly take on a bigger role in the coming weeks. Matthews has always been a serviceable receiver when given looks, but Bill Lazor’s offense is designed to spread targets around to a degree where you wonder how long Matthews can keep his early season numbers (9.4 points in Week 1, 11.5 last week) up.

Having said that, GUDG’s WR2, Brandin Cooks, is likely to lose Drew Brees for a spell, the volume isn’t there for Mike Wallace in Minnesota, and Kendall Wright tends to provide a wide range of weekly results. Suffice to say, another WR doesn’t hurt. And at a $6 winning bid, it’s like not Matthews can’t just be dumped if he doesn’t keep tallying numbers.

Capital City FFC claimed DST New York Jets ($3)

I know the Eagles have looked like a tire fire so far, but I still don’t feel totally confident starting the Jets against them. We’ll see.

Greased Up Deaf Guy claimed WR Kamar Aiken

Kamar Aiken went 5/89 last week and plays in an offense that effectively features Steve Smith, journeyman Justin Forsett, and a hodgepodge of warm bodies (until Breshad Perriman returns). In that regard, Aiken should get looks from Joe Flacco due solely to attrition. There’s no one else to throw to. He was Flacco’s second-most targeted receiver last week against Oakland.

Really though, this move is just to add a little bench depth: a free claim for a player that’ll likely get cut in a week or two but in the mean time will have some opportunity to make noise. Our waiver wire is pretty bare right now. So why not?

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