The Claims Report (09/17/15)

WR James Jones

WR James Jones

The Claims Report is a Wednesday (Thursday, in this case) feature that will analyze weekly waiver additions.

Unicorns and Glitter!!! claimed WR James Jones ($33)

Reunited with the Packers for all of what seemed like 10 minutes, all James Jones did on Sunday was pull down all four of his targets for 51 yards and two touchdowns. This much is clear: he’s Aaron Rodgers’ preferred red zone target, having established some good ju-ju with him from 2008-2013. With Jordy Nelson’s season over, there’s no reason Jones can’t continue having weeks like this, especially in one of the league’s better offenses.

I suppose if I wanted to nitpick I could say that 33% of your yearly budget is a lot to spend this early based on one game. But it’s FAAB, so whatever. Unicorns and Glitter!!! should be chasing another championship and could really use a reliable TD scorer, especially if Sammy Watkins remains invisible in a low volume passing offense and Cordarrelle Patterson continues getting out-played by the likes of Jarius Wright. So I won’t nitpick. Good add.

Who’s Your Haddy? claimed RB Marcel Reece ($6)

Do you think the Raiders have noticed that every time they lean on Marcel Reece, he performs? It’s the Raiders, so probably not.

It strikes me as unlikely that Sunday’s stat line — four targets, three catches, two touchdowns, zero carries — is a regular occurrence for Reece, but crazier things have happened. Latavius Murray is still an unknown, physical freak Roy Helu missed a lot of off-season action, and Taiwan Jones is Taiwan Jones, all elements that could conspire to hand Reece, one of the more athletic fullbacks in the NFL, a bigger role. Who’s Your Haddy? is also weak beyond Carlos Hyde at RB and a $6 lottery ticket isn’t a big risk to take.

Capital City FFC claimed TM Baltimore Ravens ($5)

Five bucks is too much to drop on a defense, isn’t it? I thought it was a high bid, but I really wanted to roll the dice this week on a unit in line to face David Carr’s brother.

Breaking Bradshaw claimed RB Ahmad Bradshaw ($2)

Who’s Your Haddy? claimed TM Tennessee Titans ($1)

The Cleveland Browns have an offense that we, as football fans, should feel insulted by. Johnny Manziel, who was somehow viewed as not good enough to beat out Josh McCown, is quarterbacking a team that lists Andrew Hawkins and Brian Hartline at WR1 and WR2. The ghost of Dwayne Bowe occupies a roster spot on this team. Their starting tight end is Gary Barnidge, who may as well have won his roster spot via a fan contest on Twitter. Does this team even employ a general manager?

To summarize: the Titans defense probably stinks (they were good in Week 1!) but the Browns offense is horrific enough to make them a viable streaming option.


Greased Up Deaf Guy claimed QB Alex Smith

Maybe the real story in this transaction is that Colin Kaepernick was cut in order to make room for Alex Smith. But that assumes you still think Kaepernick is a viable fantasy option, dynasty or otherwise. There’s a mountain of evidence that suggests that isn’t true, especially since QBs are such undervalued commodities.

It’s 2015 though, and with Jeremy Maclin imported to Kansas City and Travis “Zeus” Kelce punching Hulk-sized holes through opposing defenses, Smith is actually in a position to be a decent fantasy signal-caller. He doesn’t need to throw 50 yard TD bombs to be successful. He just needs to get the ball safely to his play makers — of which he has several — and contribute a little week-to-week rushing to up his fantasy floor. He ran for 254 last year and over 400 the year before.

For GUDG, he’s just bye week insurance behind Andrew Luck anyway. Basically, GUDG just swapped out an inferior player — both real life and fantasy — in Kaepernick for an upgrade in Smith.

Greased Up Deaf Guy claimed TE Jordan Reed

I love Jordan Reed. I wanted to keep him, but I didn’t really have the room to do it. Reed is Exhibit A for why we need another roster spot or two: a player too young or too good (in this case, both) to be freely had on waivers. That Antone Smith is on a roster in a dynasty league and Reed wasn’t strikes me as somewhat… wrong. Having said all that, Jordan Reed is the personification of a hamstring pull. He’s a living, breathing concussion. He gets hurt on an hourly basis.

But when he plays, he’s sure-handed, athletic, and should provide a pretty safe week-to-week scoring floor. I don’t think it would be the least bit surprising to see him finish the season as a top-12 tight end, health permitting. DeSean Jackson’s hamstring injury should only help, as Kirk Cousins has limited options to work with in the aerial game.

 Greased Up Deaf Guy claimed WR Cole Beasley

Someone has to catch Tony Romo’s passes now that Dez Bryant is shelved, yeah?

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