Mock Version 3 – Bailey vs. Ferns



Pick #1 – Beach Bums–RB Melvin Gordon- Chargers

The Beach Bums reportedly are leaning toward Gurley, but with Joique Bell aging and often injured, Beach Bums need someone they can plug in from day one. Gordon is the safe play, and ultimately the pick here.

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What Andrew Bailey says: RB Todd Gurley- Melvin Gordon is probably safer but no one has a higher ceiling than Todd Gurley.

Pick #2 Who’s Your Haddy– RB Todd Gurley -Rams

Haddy addressed his QB need, adding Teddy Bridgewater for late picks in the first and second round. He has promising WRs, and can grab Gurley, who only slipped to #2 based on his injury concerns.

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What Andrew Bailey says: WR- Amari Cooper- Haddy isn’t punting 2015, but is more focused on 2016+. WRs last longer than RBs and Cooper’s the best WR in the class.

Pick #3 Greased Up Deaf Guy– WR Amari Cooper -Raiders

GUDG moved most of his 2016 draft to add this pick from Breaking Bradshaw. We assume he is hoping Gurley or Gordon slips but we don’t see that. Cooper is the best player in this draft and a nice consolation prize.

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What Andrew Bailey says: RB Melvin Gordon- Gordon falling would be a blessing to GUDG, who can start Gordon alongside Eddie Lacy and treat the inefficient Andre Ellington as depth.

Pick #4 Defeat–Kevin White- Bears

Defeat’s two first rounder’s allow him to grab the best player available. White is a potential WR1 and stepping into a good situation. There is no need to over think pick. White won’t disappoint.

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What Andrew Bailey says: Amir Abdullah- After the top three, all bets are off. Defeat has no obvious need, so grabbing the next best guy at a tough position to fill makes sense.

Pick #5 Greased Up Deaf Guy– RB Amir Abdullah Lions

Abdullah is getting a ton of preseason buzz, and reportedly giving Lions defenders fits. While he lacks ideal size and speed, Abdullah is a incredibly agile and difficult to bring down. I

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What Andrew Bailey says: Having already snagged a RB, and with questionable WR depth, GUDG grabs a big, strong WR who Alshon Jeffery will draw attention from.

Pick #6 Defeat–TJ Yeldon- Jags

Yeldon complements Defeat’s earlier pick of WR Kevin White. He should have every chance to win the starting job on an improving Jags offense. At these least, he’ll split carries and get goal line touches.

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What Andrew Bailey says: WR Nelson Agholor- There are a bunch of options here for DEFEAT too, but Agholor satisfies the inner Eagle fan and cold be Reggie Wane 2.0in a high octane offense.

Pick #7- Capital City FFC- QB Jameis Winston Bucs

Capital City needs a QB and the waiver wire is less than desirable. I think Bailey giving himself Mariota is a bluff. There is risk in Winston, but he has more potential and a better weapons than Mariota.

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What Andrew Bailey says: QB Marcus Mariota Only one QB on the roster so Mariota or Jameis Winston are really good fits and would form a nice, young1-2 QB with Ryan Tannehill.

Pick #8- Unicorns and Glitter- WR Nelson Agholor Eagles

U&G badly needs RB help, but there is a pretty big drop-off from the top three RBs in this draft to the next tier. Agholor steps into a starting role in a high powered offense. U&G wont let him slip any further.

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What Andrew Bailey says: RB TJ Yeldon – U&G is desperate for RB depth behind Demarco Murray and Jamaal Charles. Yeldon’s a solid talent and should start right away for Jacksonville.

Pick #9 Kittens Mittons- RB Tevin Coleman Falcons

Kittens Mittons need for a RB is well documented. Coleman is a potential game breaker and should win the bulk of the carries in Atlanta. She does have depth at this position so taking a WR here may not be out of the question.

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What Andrew Bailey says: RB Duke Johnson – Paring Duuuuke with Terrance West would corner the Browns RB market somewhat, save Isaiah Crowell. Browns coaches love this player.

Pick #10 – Beach Bums- WR Breshad Perriman – Ravens

Beach Bums will add a top RB at pick 1.1, and have WR depth. They can take a chance on Perriman, who’s upside just can’t be ignored. He’s ceiling is as high as any WR in the last two drafts.

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What Andrew Bailey says: WR DaVante Parker- the continued foot issues are a big problem. But if you’re going to roll the dice on Gurley’s talent in spite of injury, why not double down?

Pick #11- Unicorns and Glitter- RB Duke Johnson Browns

U&G needs to address RB here, and Johnson is the best RB left. He has the ability to stand out in a crowded Browns backfield. Johnson is getting pre-season praise and debuts on our draft list at #11.

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What Andrew Bailey says: RB Tevin Coleman. See Above. U&G is in win now mode and needs to fill as much RB talent behind his top two stars as possible.

Pick #12 Drugged Llamas- Marcus Mariota Titans

Mariota’s free fall ends at the end of the first round. The Llamas are only carrying one QB, making this a need pick. Mariota is a great pick here, and should be in line to help the Llamas maintain long term success.

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What Andrew Bailey says: RB David Cobb All three Llamas first rounder’s in history have been RBs. This one is a stretch, but would lock down the Titan’s backfield.


Pick 2.1- Capital City FFC

Bailey’s Pick- WR- Breshad Perriman

Ferns’- Pick- WR DaVante Parker

Pick 2.2- Who’s Your Haddy-

Bailey’s Pick- WR- Dorial Green-Beckham

Ferns’- Pick- WR Dorial Green-Beckham

Pick 2.3- Breaking Bradshaw

Bailey’s Pick- RB- Roy Helu

Ferns’- Pick- WR Mohamed Sanu

Pick 2.4- Defeat

Bailey’s Pick- WR- Devin Funchess

Ferns’- Pick- TE Owen Daniels

Pick 2.5- Beach Bums

Bailey’s Pick- QB- Jameis Winston

Ferns’- Pick- RB Jay Ajayi

Pick 2.6- Defeat

Bailey’s Pick- RB- Matt Jones

Ferns’- Pick- RB David Cobb

Pick 2.7- Mush

Bailey’s Pick- RB- Khiry Robinson

Ferns’- Pick- RB Roy Helu

Pick 2.8- Beach Bums

Bailey’s Pick- RB- Jay Ajayi

Ferns’- Pick- RB David Johnson

Pick 2.9 Kitten Mittons

Bailey’s Pick- RB- David Johnson

Ferns’- Pick- QB Jimmy Garoppolo

Pick 2.10 Unicorns and Glitter

Bailey’s Pick- RB- Danny Woodhead

Ferns’- Pick- TE Maxx Williams

Pick 2.11 Greased Up Deaf Guy

Bailey’s Pick- WR- Stevie Johnson

Ferns’- Pick- WR Phillip Dorsett

Pick 2.12 Drugged Llamas

Bailey’s Pick- RB Chris Polk

Ferns’- Pick- WR Devin Funchess


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