Note: League scoring was changed prior to the 2013 season.

2014 DFFL Strength of Schedule

Opponent Win Percentage
1Beach Bums.5385
2Megatron vs Optimus Peterson.5325
4Who's Your Haddy?.5148
5puny team.5030
6Touchdown Mafia.4911
7Kitten Mittons.4852
8Greased Up Deaf Guy.4793
9tUnicorns and Glitter.4734
9tBreaking Bradshaw.4734
9tDrugged Llamas.4734
12Muscle Hamsters.4615
Points Scored
QBMatt RyanDrugged Llamas35.9
RBLe'Veon BellDrugged Llamas25.7
RB Marshawn LynchI Need a Manziel, Not a Boykin24.4
WRCalvin JohnsonMegatron vs Optimus Peterson28.4
WRAllen HurnsWho's Your Haddy?23
WRA.J. GreenWho's Your Haddy?19.6
TEJulius ThomasGreased Up Deaf Guy27.4
KMatt BryantWho's Your Haddy?20
DEFMinnesota VikingsFree Agents22
1 Unicorns and Glitter!!-- (Last Week: 1)2nd Division Title in 2 years. And this year his team was better. Watch out playoffs.
2 The Muscle Hamsters-- (Last Week: 2)Bailey should be happy that he gets a bye week. He won the league last year, but no longer will he be seeing Drugged Llamas or Rice n Greens this season.
3 Breaking Bradshaw 1 (Last Week: 4)Somehow climbed above MvOP in the power rankings.
4 Megatron vs Optimus Peterson 1 (Last Week: 3)^^^ I guess a sub-.500 record will do that for you. Backs his way into the playoffs but still has a strong chance to take it all the way.
5 Touchdown Mafia-- (Last Week: 5)Really doesn't want to be playing against MvOP...but that's too bad.
6 Kitten Mittons-- (Last Week: 6)Beat out GUDG for the playoff spot. Can her WRs carry her to playoff victory?
7 Rice n Greens 2 (Last Week: 9)You know you want those ping pong balls. Consolation bracket time!
8 Greased Up Deaf Guy-- (Last Week: 8)You know you want those ping pong balls. Consolation bracket time!
9 puny team 2 (Last Week: 7)You know you want those ping pong balls. Consolation bracket time!
10Mush-- (Last Week: 10)You know you want those ping pong balls. Consolation bracket time!
11 Drugged Llamas-- (Last Week: 11)You know you want those ping pong balls. Consolation bracket time!
12 Beach Bum-- (Last Week: 12)You know you want those ping pong balls. Consolation bracket time!
1Who's Your Haddy?-- (End of 2013: 7)Haddy scores the highest total of the week, thanks to huge special teams play. (35 points from K and DEF). While that isn't going to happen all season, big games from AJ Green and Russell Wilson could be a regular occurence.
2Megatron vs Optimus Peterson-- (End of 2013: 4)A trouncing of his divisional rival. Good thing he has four quarterbacks, because Romo didn't look ready to lead anyone.
3Mush-- (End of 2013: 10)Is this the year that Mark Ingram finally breaks out?
4Reggie Wayne Comeback Trayne-- (End of 2013: 5)RWCT squeaked by with a win of .5 points over puny team...and that was with 3 TDs from Peyton Manning.
5Greased Up Deaf Guy-- (End of 2013: 8)Not a single running back on GUDG's roster hit double digit points, but a huge day from Julius Thomas lead his squad to the win.
6Unicorns and Glitter!!-- (End of 2013: 1)Last year's league champion scored the least points of all of our week 1 winners. Don't expect too many more 3.4 point games from Jamaal Charles, however. This week was an anomaly.
7Drugged Llamas-- (End of 2013: 11)Hard luck loser this week. Third most points and just happened to play the team that scored the most points...and that was with Le'Veon Bell on the bench.
8I Need a Manziel, Not a Boykin-- (End of 2013: 3)In the end, it didn't matter that they neglected to start newly acquired Keenan Allen. They still would have lost.
9puny team-- (End of 2013: 9)Should have started Cutler.
10Kitten Mittons-- (End of 2013: 6)Demaryius Thomas just couldn't get anything going...and KM goes as her WRs go. She will need a better performance from him moving forward.
11Beach Bums-- (End of 2013: 12)Benard Pierce got benched, Trent Richardson stinks. At least BB looks like they could have the making of a nice WRing corps.
12The Muscle Hamsters-- (End of 2013: 2)I'm going to have to do some research, but I think this was the first time that The Muscle Hamsters scored the lowest of any team in a single week.
1Reggie Wayne Comeback TrayneUP (Last Week: 4)This team has been quite impressive...oddly enough.
2Unicorns and Glitter!!UP (Last Week: 6)
3Kitten MittonsUP (Last Week: 10)They may have become a monster with the addition of Giovani Bernard.
4MushDOWN (Last Week: 3)
5Clown Question Bros.DOWN (Last Week: 2)Sour result against the Drugged Llamas.
6Drugged LlamasUP (Last Week: 7)I still think they have playoff aspirations.
7Beach BumsUP (Last Week: 11)Look at Beach Bum having the second highest total of the week!
8Who's Your Haddy?DOWN (Last Week: 1)First Week of the season they scored the most points. Second week of the season they scored the second least number of points.
9Greased Up Deaf GuyDOWN (Last Week: 5)
10puny teamDOWN (Last Week: 9)Second best point per week average and they are 0-2. Things will get better.
11The Muscle HamstersUP (Last Week: 12)Yuck.
12I Need a Manziel, Not a BoykinDOWN (Last Week: 8)Double Yuck.
Points Scored
QBAaron Rodgerspuny team31.10
RBDarren SprolesKitten Mittons23.80
RB Giovani BernardKitten Mittons22.90
WRJordy NelsonDrugged Llamas26.90
WRBrandon MarshallKitten Mittons22.80
WRRandall CobbBeach Bums18.50
TEAntonio GatesClown Question Bros.27.6
KDan BaileyFree Agent20
DEFNew England PatriotsBeach Bums28
1Reggie Wayne Comeback Trayne (2-1)-- (Last Week: 1)Despite the loss, their highs have been high enough and their lows not low enough to lose the top spot.
2Drugged Llamas (2-1)UP (Last Week: 6)Big jump this week.
3Mush (2-1)UP (Last Week: 4)
4Kitten Mittons (2-1)DOWN (Last Week: 3)
5Greased Up Deaf Guy (2-1)UP (Last Week: 9)
6Unicorns and Glitter!! (2-1)DOWN (Last Week: 2)This loss shows that U&G isn't quite the team they were last year.
7Who's Your Haddy? (2-1)UP (Last Week: 8)
8Clown Question Bros. (1-2)DOWN (Last Week: 5)Another heart breaker. Nothing else you can say.
9I Need a Manziel, Not a Boykin (1-2)Up (Last Week: 12)Woo! A win and a high score for the week. Probably the highlight of the season for this team.
10Beach Bums (1-2)DOWN (Last Week: 7)Their big week was short lived.
11puny team (0-3)DOWN (Last Week: 11)Despite being 0-3, they haven't sucked enough to be the bottom team.
12The Muscle Hamsters (1-2)DOWN (Last Week: 11)A name change might be in order. Doug Martin is dragging this team down with him.
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1Clown Question Bros (3-1)UP (Last Week: 8)After a scoring correction, CQB earned a new win and then lit up the scoreboard in week 4 to jump to the top of the power rankings.
2Mush (3-1)UP (Last Week: 3)The Mush train continues to rumble along.
3Reggie Wayne Comeback Trayne (3-1)DOWN (Last Week: 1)They won...but CQB and Mush won betterer.
4Unicorns and Glitter!! (3-1)UP (Last Week: 6)They continue to win with smoke and mirrors. Nothing else can really be said.
5Druggged Llamas (2-2)DOWN (Last Week: 2)
6Beach Bums (2-2)UP (Last Week: 10)Another team that seems to be outplaying their roster.
7Kitten Mittons (2-2)DOWN (Last Week: 4)
8Greased Up Deaf Guy (2-2)DOWN (Last Week: 5)
9I Need a Manziel, Not a Boykin (2-2)-- (Last Week: 9)They won, but it didn't make them any better in the power rankings.
10Who's Your Haddy? (1-3)DOWN (Last Week: 7)Tumbled this week due to a loss, coupled with the scoring change from the previous week.
11puny team (0-4)-- (Last Week: 11)Still winless, and still not the worst team in the league!
12The Muscle Hamsters (1-3)-- (Last Week: 12)Even scoring 95 this week only brought the MH scoring average up to 77.94 per week.
1Reggie Wayne Comeback Trayne (4-1)UP (Last Week: 3)
2Unicorns and Glitter (4-1)UP (Last Week: 4)
3Clown Question Bros (4-1)DOWN (Last Week: 1)While they won last week, it wasn't in dominating fashion. Avg PPG dropped below 100 this week.
4Greased Up Deaf Guy (3-2)UP (Last Week: 8)Look at GUDG with the big jelly beans for the week!
5Kitten Mittons (3-2)UP (Last Week: 7)
6Mush (3-2)DOWN (Last Week: 2)Chinks in the armor are starting to show.
7Drugged Llamas (2-3)DOWN (Last Week: 5)
8Beach Bums (2-3)DOWN (Last Week: 6)
9I Need a Manziel, Not a Boykin (2-3)-- (Last Week: 9)Been in #9 spot for 3 straight weeks now.
10The Muscle Hamsters (2-3)UP (Last Week: 12)Averaging less than 80 points a week and still have 2 weeks. Fancy that.
11Who's Your Haddy? (1-4)DOWN (Last Week: 10)Stop. Tanking Time.
12DEFEAT (0-5)DOWN (Last Week: 11)Finally, going winless has taken it's toll. The bottom of the power rankings.
1Unicorns and Glitter!! (5-1)UP (Last Week: 1)They set a new league record with their score this week.
2Clown Question Bros (5-1)UP (Last Week: 2)It's strange that they continue to play so well, even in the absence of Calvin Johnson and AP.
3Reggie Wayne Comeback Trayne (4-2)DOWN (Last Week: 1)
4Kitten Mittons (4-2)UP (Last Week: 5)
5Greased Up Deaf Guy (3-3)DOWN (Last Week: 4)
6Mush (4-2)-- (Last Week: 6)Mush won again.
7Beach Bums (3-3_UP (Last Week: 8)With the injury to Moreno, Lamar Miller become a very viable back for the Bums for the rest of the season.
8I Need a Manziel, Not a Boykin (3-3)UP (Last Week: 9)Wow! Finally! They climbed in the rankings by beating a 4-1 team.
9Drugged Llamas (2-4)DOWN (Last Week: 7)Maybe they aren't who I thought they were.
10The Muscle Hamsters (2-4)-- (Last Week: 10)Bad.
11Who's Your Haddy? (1-5)-- (Last Week: 11)Badder.
12DEFEAT (0-6)-- (Last Week: 12)Baddest.
1Unicorns and Glitter!! (6-1)-- (Last Week: 1)The only 6-1 team holds onto the top spot this week.
2Reggie Wayne Comeback Trayne (5-2)UP (Last Week: 3)
3Clown Question Bros (5-2)DOWN (Last Week: 2)
4Kitten Mittons (5-2)-- (Last Week: 4)
5Greased Up Deaf Guy (3-4)-- (Last Week: 5)If the season ended today, GUDG would be in the playoffs for the first time.
6Mush (4-3)-- (Last Week: 6)If the season ended today, they would also be a playoff team for the first time.
7Drugged LlamasUP (Last Week: 9)
8Beach Bums (3-4)DOWN (Last Week: 7)
9I Need a Manziel, Not a Boykin (3-4)DOWN (Last Week: 8)Short lived. Back down to the 9 spot.
10The Muscle Hamsters (3-4)-- (Last Week: 10)Drew Brees was finally Drew Brees.
11DEFEAT (1-6)UP (Last Week: 12)They finally get themselves a win, seven weeks into the season.
12Who's Your Haddy? (1-6)DOWN (Last Week: 11)Dire straits.
1Unicorns and Glitter!! (8-2)-- (Last Week: 1)The consistency of this team is unbeatable.
2Reggie Wayne Comeback Trayne (8-2)-- (Last Week: 2)Even the new weekly high school record wasn't enough to net the top spot.
3Kitten Mittons (7-3)-- (Last Week: 3)
4Greased Up Deaf Guy (6-4)-- (Last Week: 4)
5Mush (6-4)-- (Last Week: 5)
6Straight Cash Homies (5-5)-- (Last Week: 6)After being as high as third in the week 8 Power Rankings, SCH has tumbled and now is scrambling to stay above .500 to hold the lead in the Akili Smith division.
7Beach Bums (5-5)-- (Last Week: 7)
8Drugged Llamas (4-6)UP (Last Week: 9)Drugged Llamas are the only team to have moved up since the previous (unposted) week of Power Rankings.
9I Need a Manziel, Not a Boykin (4-6)DOWN (Last Week: 8)Only team to go down.
10DEFEAT (3-7)-- (Last Week: 10)While they were at the bottom for a while, this team has a great shot at playing spoiler within the division over the next three weeks.
11The Muscle Hamsters (3-7)-- (Last Week: 11)
12Who's Your Haddy? (1-9)-- (Last Week: 12)
First Name
Last Name
NFL Team
QBDrewBrees393.35New Orleans SaintsDrafted R1P5Y2012
QBRyanTannehill210.4Miami DolphinsClaimed Preseason 2012, $5
QBColinKaepernick185.15San Francisco 49ersClaimed Week 12, $107
RBDougMartin262.6Tampa Bay BuccaneersDrafted R4P8Y2012
RBC.J.Spiller212.3Buffalo BillsDrafted R7P5Y2012
RBMikelLeshoure149.2Detroit LionsDrafted R9P5Y2012
RBVickBallard111.6Indianapolis ColtsClaimed Week 6
RBKnowshonMoreno91.5Denver BroncosClaimed Week 12
RBBryceBrown79Philadelphia EaglesClaimed Week 12, $67
RBLaMichaelJames14.4San Francisco 49ersClaimed Week 15
WRVictorCruz169.2New York GiantsDrafted R3P5Y2012
WRReggieWayne163Indianapolis ColtsDrafted R8P8Y2012
WRMilesAustin128.3Dallas CowboysTraded for Week 7
WRGregJennings60.6Green Bay PackersDrafted R2P8Y2012
TEJasonWitten121.9Dallas CowboysDrafted R6P8Y2012
TEJermaineGresham100.7Cincinati BengalsDrafted R10P8Y2012
KShayneGraham157Houston TexansClaimed Week 9, $20
DLJ.J.Watt119Houston TexansClaimed Week 5, $25
DLAnthonySpencer84Dallas CowboysClaimed Week 15, $1
LBKarlosDansby105Miami DolphinsDrafted R12P8Y2012
First Name
Last Name
NFL Team
QBMatthewStafford317.75Detroit LionsDrafted R1P11Y2012
QBNickFoles287.05Philadelphia EaglesAdded Week 5 2012, No Cost
QBTerrellePryor156.9Oakland RaidersTraded for Week 10, 2013
QBBrianHoyer46.35Cleveland BrownsClaimed Week 5 2013, No cost
RBJamaalCharles306.1Kansas City ChiefsDrafted Round 3.11 2012
RBMattForte263.3Chicago BearsTraded for Week 10, 2013
RBReggieBush184.2Detroit LionsDrafted Round 5.11 2012
RBJoiqueBell162.7Detroit LionsTraded for Week 8 2013
RBMauriceJones-Drew144.1Jacksonville JaguarsTraded for Week 10 2013
WRAlshonJeffery192.6Chicago BearsDrafted Round 3.8, 2013
WRTYHilton137.9Indianapolis ColtsTraded for Week 4 2013
WRCordarrellePatterson116.7Minnesota VikingsTraded for Week 7 2013
WRRuebenRandle93.1New York GiantsDrafted Round 2.8 2013
WRAaronDobson74.9New England PatriotsDrafted Round 1.9 2013
WRKrisDurham59Detroit LionsClaimed Week 7 2013, $8
WRAldrickRobinson48.1Washington RedskinsAdded Week 16 2013, No Cost
TEJimmyGraham217.5New Orleans SaintsDrafted Round 2.2 2012
TETimWright87.3Tampa Bay BuccaneersAdded Week 7, 2013, No cost
KStephenGostkowski184New England PatriotsDrafted Round 18.2 2012
DEFPhiladelphiaEagles170Philadelphia EaglesClaimed Week 14, 2013, $0
DEFBaltimoreRavens167Baltimore RavensDrafted Round 6.9 2013
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