Ferns vs the League Mock Draft 2020

After taking last year off, Im back with my latest mock draft. My writing skills are below average, my prognosticating skills are questionable, and my typing skills are even worse, but we did this exercise for the fun of the league.The 2020 NFL draft could be one of the deepest we’ve seen in quite some time. There is a ton of depth in this draft and our DyNasty draft could be strong well into the 3rd round. I polled the league in Slack, and we will look at how I think our first round will shape up versus what the league thought.

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Pick 1.1- Unicorns and Glitter
Ferns’ pickJonathan Taylor

League pick – Clyde Edwards-Helaire

At one point, in the not so distant past, I owned the best record in our league history. After a couple lean years, Im sure that’s no longer the case and I find myself with our first pick. I need a starting RB to pair with Alvin Kamara. I’m torn between Taylor and Clyde Edwards-Helaire. Both are talented backs, and I don’t think there is a wrong answer here. Taylor is bigger, stronger, faster, and was more productive in college than Helaire, who landed in the powerhouse Kansas City offense. I think talent outweights opportunity, and as of right now, Taylor is my choice.

Pick 1.2 Mush
Ferns’ pickClyde Edwards-Helaire

League pick – Jonathan Taylor

Mush holds the 2nd pick here. He needs help across the board, and getting either Taylor or CEH here is a big win for him. As mentioned above, CEH will be playing in the Chief’s high octaine offense. Edwards-Helaire is projected to be a major factor in the Chief’s passing attack and Andy Reid loves the screen game. I think CEH could produce similar numbers to what Brian Westbook produced in Reid’s Philly offense. With Drew Brees getting another year older and his other QBs disappointing last year, look for Mush to add one of this year’s first round QBs in the second round.

Pick 1.3 Drugged Llamas
Ferns’ PickD’Andre Swift

League Pick D”Andre Swift

The Llamas own Saquon Barkley and a couple good QBs, but not much else, as evidenced by them carrying four team defenses. The league and I agreed on Swift as our third pick. Concerns about ball security have me down on Swift, despite everything pointing to him being a productive NFL back. If I’m in the LLamas’shoes and asking “what would Ferns’ do,” then I would try to trade down to the mid-first and acquire additional picks to build around the best player in the NFL. Otherwise, the consensus seems to be drafting Swift.

Pick 1.4 Drugged LLamas

Ferns’ Pick WR CeeDee Lamb

League Pick – JK Dobbins

This is the first pick where I differ much from the league, but that’s due more to circumstance. Llamas owning back to back picks with another first rounder looming,  along with having multiple needs allows them to address both RB and WR here. Lamb is actually my favorite player in this draft and I think he will be an immediate star. The Llamas already have Dak Prescott and Lamb steps in as his best WR. The Llamas finished 5-8 last year, but these picks are a big step towards respectabilty.

Pick 1.5 Greased Up Deaf Guy

Ferns’ pickCam Akers

League Pick – CeeDee Lamb

GUDG needs running back help. Akers has been a riser since we did our Slack mock draft. While I like talent over opportunity in our first two picks, I think Akers’s opportunity in LA can’t be ignored here. He was a producive back at FSU and I think he has the size and speed to continue that as a pro. Im not sure he has star potentail but I think Akers is good enough to secure and hold down the starting job with the Rams.

Pick 1.6 Bro Lo El Cunados

Ferns’ Pick Jerry Juedy

League Pick
– Jerry Juedy

Sooo.. this team name is a reference to The League, season 2 epsiode 2.. I 100% missed that. Well played. Juedy landing here is perfect for this team. El Cunados already owns Austin Ekeler, Miles Sanders and Leonard Fournette. He lacks WR depth, and Juedy address that need. I dont think Jeudy is a big drop from Lamb. I do have some concerns about Drew Lock in Denver, along with Jeudy being a slot Wr, but I think he could be a high volume reception machine.

Pick 1.7 Greased Up Deaf Guy

Ferns’ Pick JK Dobbins

League Pick – Cam Akers
GUDG still needs RB help. Dobbins is a nice addition here but isnt neccessarily a starter at this point. It looks like he will split carried with Mark Ingram, to whom I think Dobbins profiles closely to. GUDG already has a handful of good or high potential WRs, so taking another RB seems to make the most sense. Taking the best WR available or trading out of this pick may benefit the Greased up Deaf guy.

Pick 1.8 Bro Lo El Cunados

Ferns’Pick Henry Ruggs

League Pick– Justin Jefferson

Im torn here between Ruggs 4.27 speed and Jefferson’s more complete package. I think El Cunados, after securing Jeudy, can swing for the fences here and go with Ruggs. Speed kills, and Ruggs is going to the team that coined that phrase. He wont collect targets the way other top WRs will, but Ruggs has the potential to take every catch to the endzone. I think what the Raiders, and El Cunados, have in Ruggs is potentially a young Desean Jackson.

Pick 1.9 Beach Bum

Ferns’pickJoe Burrow

League Pick – Henry Ruggs

Dan has what is probably the best WR corps in the league, going at least 5 deep. His QBs, however, are less than inspiring. Jameis Winston is now a backup in New Orleans, Kirk Cousins is Kirk Cousins, and Sam Darnold, while improving, doesnt offer much. Burrow’s upside just cant be ignored when these are your QBs. Beach Bum also needs some RB help. He wasn’t an option in the league Mock draft but, if BB is comfortable with his QBs, I can see him going with brusier, AJ Dillon or riser Ke’Shawn Vaughn

Pick 1.10- Suck Ass Squad

Ferns’ PickJustin Jefferson

League Pick – Jalen Reagor

AndyRo’s Suck Ass Squad didnt suck last year, going 10-3. This is a well rounded team, which allows him to take the best player available. Most Eagles fans wanted them to select Jefferson over Raegor, and this probably holds true for Andy and now he gets that chance. Jefferson was a beast at LSU, and has all the tools for that to continue in the NFL. Jefferson is a nice pull here, but if Andy asks “WWFD?” I’d tell him, based on what he has, to look at Dillon or Vaughn here.

Pick 1.11 Who’s Your Haddy

Ferns’ pick- Ke’Shawn Vaughn

League Pick- Joe Burrow

It’s likely that some second round WRs might be better choices here, or Haddy could go with Tua to back up Mahomes and lock up his QB situation forever. Pairing Vaughn with Ronald Jones and hoping to get a productive RB out it seems to be the best move here. Vaughn is solid, but not spectular. Otherwise, I’d look at Dillon, Higgins,or Pittman here.

Pick 1.12 Drugged Llama

Ferns’ pickJalen Reagor

League Pick- Ke’Shawn Vaughn

There’s too much upside in Raegor to let him slide any further. The Llamas can roll the dice a little here, already adding two top picks. The Eagles reportedly love Reagor and his 4.47 was slow for him based on an injury. He’s an amazing athlete, but I dont like anyone with “struggled with drops” in thier draft day  profile. If Reagor slides to me at 2.1, Im looking elsewhere.

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