DFFL Power Rankings: 2014 Week 11

After a 2 week hiatus from Power Rankings, we come back with a bang, referencing the Week 10 Power Rankings that never got posted! The playoffs can’t be that decided already, can they?

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1Unicorns and Glitter!! (8-2)-- (Last Week: 1)The consistency of this team is unbeatable.
2Reggie Wayne Comeback Trayne (8-2)-- (Last Week: 2)Even the new weekly high school record wasn't enough to net the top spot.
3Kitten Mittons (7-3)-- (Last Week: 3)
4Greased Up Deaf Guy (6-4)-- (Last Week: 4)
5Mush (6-4)-- (Last Week: 5)
6Straight Cash Homies (5-5)-- (Last Week: 6)After being as high as third in the week 8 Power Rankings, SCH has tumbled and now is scrambling to stay above .500 to hold the lead in the Akili Smith division.
7Beach Bums (5-5)-- (Last Week: 7)
8Drugged Llamas (4-6)UP (Last Week: 9)Drugged Llamas are the only team to have moved up since the previous (unposted) week of Power Rankings.
9I Need a Manziel, Not a Boykin (4-6)DOWN (Last Week: 8)Only team to go down.
10DEFEAT (3-7)-- (Last Week: 10)While they were at the bottom for a while, this team has a great shot at playing spoiler within the division over the next three weeks.
11The Muscle Hamsters (3-7)-- (Last Week: 11)
12Who's Your Haddy? (1-9)-- (Last Week: 12)

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