College Players to watch

Players to watch with an eye on the Dy-Nasty Fantasy Football Draft:


Marcus Mariota- Junior at Oregon.

Mariota is the perfect blend of size (6-4 220=lbs), speed (4.5 in the 40) and throwing ability. He makes improvements in his game every year, and continues to grow into his frame. He could use some work on ball security as he can be a risk taker with throws and while carrying the ball. He’ splayed in the complex Oregon offense for three years and should transition quickly to the pro game. He easily could be the first pick in the NFL draft and the first QB off the board in the DFFL draft,

Jameis Winston – Sophomore at Florida State

Winston is every bit as talented a college QB as Mariota. He’s bigger (6-4 234lbs) and stronger but not as fast (4.8) He has a cannon for an arm but struggles at times with accuracy and mechanics. Winston is his own worst enemy. His off field struggles almost guarantee he will enter the draft, and while talent always wins out, teams will be afraid to pick him. Winston has a 100 million dollar body with a 10 cent head. His potential will keep him employed, but this guy is really JeMarcus Russell .

Bryce Petty – Senior at Baylor

Scouts vary on Petty, some love him, while others think he’s average. He has good size (6-3, 230lbs) and reportedly is a great leader. He has decent mobility, but isn’t really a threat to run with the ball. He’s got a quirky release which will need adjusting at the pro level. Petty seems like a great kid but really seems to be a system QB in Baylor’s spread offense. He could be a Nick Foles or Kirk Cousins, where he doesn’t impress physically but has the ability to get the job done.

Brett Hundley -Junior at UCLA

Hundley is my favorite QB is the draft. Scouts don’t agree but I think he will be the best QB in this class. He’s built like a pro QB at 6foot3, and 230 lbs. He lacks elusiveness but has good top end speed. He is reported to be a great leader and student of the game. His throwing arm is accurate and strong, and he can make all the throws. He seems to have a toughness about him that other college QBs lack. He may slide in the NFL trade but could offer good keeper potential in the DFFL draft,.

Sean Mannion -Senior at Oregon St

Mannion is a has great height at almost 6foot6, but needs to add bulk to his 220lb frame. He also is a described as a terrifc leader, hard worker and student of the game. His arm is powerful and he can hit the long ball. He has solid mechanics that lead to great accuracy. He takes chances with the ball, which will hurt him in the pro game. He’s not a threat to run, but has a good feel for the pocket. He is a guy who may be worth a flyer in our draft, depending on where he ends up.

Other to watch: Connor Cook at Michigan State, and Dak Prescott Mississippi State.



Todd Gurley Junior at Georgia

Gurley is a physical beast at a muscular 6feet and 230lbs. He’s very much a downhill runner and can bring the boom against defenders. He doesn’t always play behind his pads and can take some body shots. His durability is already a concern and this only contributes to it. He’s very fast (4.45) for a big back and possess a second gear in the open field. He has the hands to play every down, and his pass protection looked improved this season. His off-field concerns may have him slide, but he’s likely the first pick in the DFFL Draft,.

Melvin Gordon III Junior at Wisconsin

Gordon will likely be the 2nd pick in the DFFL draft, and may be a safer bet that Gurley at #1. Gordon is described as taller (6-1) and lean (210lbs) by ESPN but looks bigger in pads. Gordon’s agility more so than his speed (4.5) makes him a big play threat. He hasn’t shown much in the pass game. He’s a willing blocker but could use work on technique and strength. Gordon has been healthy throughout his career but has carried the ball a ton at Wisconsin.

TJ Yeldon- Junior at Alabama

Yeldon is very similar to Gordon, but is bigger at almost 6-2, 220lbs. Yeldon has excellent agility and good speed to make people miss.. Despite his size, Yeldon isn’t a powerful back despite being bugger for the position.. If he continues to fill out his frame, and get stronger, he could be the best back in this class. Yeldon also compares to Gordon in the passing game and blocking. The biggest concern for Yelodn is ball security. He has been known to put the ball on the ground at times.

Ameer Abdullah Senior at Nebraska

Abullah is a smaller back at 5-9, 200lbs. He reportedly has short arms and small hands. He does feature great speed (4.45) and is the most agile RB listed. Abdullah has shown a knack for the big play at Nebrask. He’s been super productive as a Cornhusker, but Abdullah appears to be a change of pace and/or third down back .

Mike Davis at South Carolina

At 5-9 215lbs, Davis is short but powerful runner. He runs hard and is tough to bring down. He doesn‘t have elite sopped, but has shown the ability to avoid tacklers . Davis reportedly does everything well. He can be a factor in the passing game and an adequate pass blocker. Durability has been a concern and Davis may never be a feature back in the NFL.

Others to watch Duke Johnson at Florida, Karlos Williams at Florida State, Malcom Brown Texas.


Amari Cooper Junior at Alabama

Cooper has good size (6-1, 205lbs) and speed (4.5). He has good hands and has the shown the leaping the ability to go up and get the ball. He has shown big play ability at Alabama and at times seems impossible to cover. He is quick and shifty getting off the line, and is a great route runner. He compares favorably to Sammy Watkins, the first WR taken in the 2014 NFL Draft.

Devante Parker Senior at Lousisville

Parker also has good size at 6-3, 210lbs. He could use some work in the weight room, to get stronger and put some weight on his frame. His speed is good (4.5) and he appears to have a second gear. He uses his height to win jumps ball. Parker body-catches the ball a little to often, leading to drops. He has shown the ability to make defenders miss in the open field.

Nelson Agholor Junior at USC

Agholor is a smaller WR (6feet, 185lbs), who seems faster than his 40 times (4.5) suggests. His separation skills are second-to-none. He is explosive and gets to top speed before defenders can accelerate. He gets off the line cleanly thanks to his quickness and explosiveness but may need motion to get of the line in the NFL. Looks like a good slot WR prospect.

Rashad Greene Senior at Florida State

Greene is another smaller (6foot, 175lbs) WR. He is a little faster (4.4) than Agholor and also seems faster on the field. Greene is a great route runner and gets open easily. His size will decrease his NFL value. He has a small frame and isn’t likely to get much bigger. Greene has the ability to make defenders miss, but not as much has his size would suggest.

Austin Hill Senior at Arizona

Hill has above average size at 6-2 and 210 lbs. Hill features outstanding ball skills and tracks the ball easily. He has good leaping ability and body control to make the tough catches. He lacks elite quickness and speed (4.5) but has enough of both plus the strength t oget off the line and spereate from defenders. Hill is still recovering from a torn ACL that cost him all of 2013. He could be a guy who surpises at the next level

Others to watch Doriel Green-Beckham at Oklahoma, Ty Montgomery Stanford, Darren Waller Georgia Teach


Devin Funchess Junior at Michigan

Jeff Heuerman Senior at Ohio State

Nick O’Leary- Senior at Florida State

Ben Koyack Senior at Notre Dame

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