2020 Dy-Nasty Fantasy Baseball Rule Change Results

Before we get to the results, a reminder: nine (9) “yes” votes are required for a change to pass. In the event of a tie, the vote sides with the Commissioner.

Here are the results of the 2020 Dy-Nasty Fantasy Baseball rule change voting:


Analysis: Tommy Milone, Drew Van Hagen, and Jalen Beeks are no longer loopholes around the weekly start limit. Start them — and risk them going 3.1 sub-par innings and counting against that weekly start limit — at your own peril.


Analysis: The 2022 draft will probably suck. Starting at that point, unsigned high school, college, and international players will no longer be eligible to be drafted or added from free agency. The 2023 draft will become the first de facto “first year player draft.”


Analysis: The effects of adding broken fringe utility players straight from the free agent pool to the DL were minimal, if any. But it was fairly annoying to have to scroll down for 45 minutes on certain rosters because teams were carrying 119 injured relief pitchers.

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