2019 Dy-Nasty Fantasy Baseball: Cut, Roster Expansion & Draft Primer

This year’s Dy-Nasty Fantasy Baseball Draft will kickoff on Monday, March 11, 2019 at 8:00 AM/EST.

As has been the case in past years, each team will have eight (8) hours to make their pick. That timer will pause between 12:00 AM/EST and 6:00 AM/EST. Per Fantrax’s “skip pick” setting, if you do not have players in your draft queue when the eight hour clock runs out, your pick will be skipped. If you do have players in the queue, it will draft for you from there.

Prior to the draft, each roster must meet the following criteria:

  1. All players removed from the disabled list.
  2. 25 or fewer players on the major league roster.
  3. 30 or fewer players on the minor league roster.

This year’s “get legal” date will be Wednesday, February 13, 2019, one month before the start of the draft. Your roster must remain legal under the above criteria from this date through the draft date.

In Fantrax, you can set your keepers from the Team menu by choosing Keeper Admin. Feel free to manually cut players now to begin working toward a legal roster.

New this year: we will be adding a 26th major league roster spot. This spot will be added just prior to the start of the draft, ensuring that teams aren’t able to keep an extra major league player and that each team will be able to draft at least one major league player.

Every team will draft until they have filled 56 total roster spots (major + minor). This means that if you cut down to 20 major leaguers and 26 minor leaguers, you would have 46 players rostered and would draft 10 new ones. Once you’ve drafted to a full roster, any additional picks you may have will be lost.

This also means that, like last year, you can draft to your heart’s content with regards to major and minor leaguers. You can come away from the draft with more than 26 major leaguers or more than 30 minor leaguers. However, by the time the season begins, your roster must be legal. So over-drafting players may simply result in having to cut those players, which means wasted draft picks. (We may want to revisit this again in future seasons, but for now, Fantrax doesn’t automatically enforce drafting only 26 major leaguers and 30 minor leaguers. This doesn’t seem, to me at least, like a big enough issue to manually manage and have to potentially pause the draft or roll back picks, etc.)

Trades will be turned off during the draft. You may, however, agree to trades during the draft and then process them after the draft concludes.

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