2017 Dy-Nasty Mock Draft


Pick 1.1 – Kitten Mittons – Leonard Fournette – RB LSU

After her first losing season Kitten Mittons pulls the first pick in the DyNasty Draft, which should help propel her back to the top of the standings. With several talented backs to choose from Leonard Fournette’s  size and speed combo stands out. While there were concerns about a terrible (28.5 inch, last among RBs) vertical leap, Fournette is a powerful 240lb power back, who offers 4.5 speed. He is more likely to run through defenders than jump over them.

The question here is not WHO she should take but HOW LONG will it take her to make the pick? The 24 hour draft clock will likely be tested to it’s limits.


Pick 1.2 – Suckass Squad – Joe Mixon – RB Oklahoma

AndyRo’s team landed the second pick. He has potential talent at every position, but Shady McCoy is getting older and Thomas Rawls is a mixture of being somewhat unproven and injury prone. We’ve all seen the Mixon video, ad nauseam, but this is fantasy football and there are no media/fan repercussions  to selecting Mixon. Joe Mixon is a complete 3 down back who will beat out the other backs for the starting job  in Cincinnati.

Forget the off-field questions, which are 3 years in the past. Mixon is a special player and the right pick.


Pick 1.3-  Capital City FFC – RB Christian McCaffery  – RB Stanford

Capital City has fallen on hard times since winning the inaugural DyNasty Fantasy Football Championship, but has done a nice job of collecting young, developing talent along with a couple bounce back candidate veterans. McCaffery is more of a Swiss army knife than a 3 down back, but his versatility will keep him on the field. There are early reports of him playing slot WR when not in the back field.

Having  traded 1.10 for Matt Stafford, and owning several interesting WRs, Bailey needs to bolster his RB corps here.


Pick 1.4-  Turd Ferguson – Corey Davis – WR Central Michigan

DyNasty welcomes Turd Ferguson – who inherits a terrible team which features 3 suspended players and a fourth coming off of suspension.  This team landing the 4th pick, is everything that is wrong with the draft lottery. Team Turd is almost devoid of talent, allowing them to take the best player available.  Davis is 6’3″ 210 lbs and offers the size speed combination to be a WR1 for a long time.

Take Davis, and watch him grow with Marcus Mariotta.


Pick 1.5 –  Beach Bum- Dalvin Cook – RB FSU

Beach Bum has a roster full of talent, but seems to have underachieved. With no other glaring need, and it being too early to draft this year’s best TE, it may be beneficial for Beach Bum to trade down here. Otherwise, with two top ten WRs plus two others with similar talent BB goes RB here.  Dalvin Cook has more talent that the other RB’s in Minnesota and should eventually take over full time duties in the backfield.

Drafting Cook may take some patience but this is a dynasty, where patience has paid off before.


Pick 1.6 – Mush  Mike Williams – WR Clemson

Mush is another team with a lot of talent and disappointing record. Mike Williams has equal talent to previously drafted Corey Davis,. Depending on where you look, he’s a little bigger, a little stronger, and little faster than Davis. He’s also less polished and landed on a team with a pretty solid WR group. Mush has the talent to wait on Williams, who may be the best player in this draft.

Again patience in key, but Williams has more than enough talent to make the wait worthwhile.


Pick 1.7 –  Who’s Your Haddy – Samaje Perine – RB Oklahoma

Haddy  appears to be on the rise with Zeke Elliot, Amare Cooper, AJ Green and Michael Thomas leading the way. He could use a TE and QB of the future but it still feels too early to bite on those positions. There are better athletes than Perine left at the RB position but what Perine does, he does better than most. At 5’11” 230 lbs, Perine is a physical runner who will step in almost immediately to replace Rob Kelley in DC.

At the very least, Perine should get short yardage touchdowns giving him immediate value.


Pick 1.8 –  Unicorns and Glitter!!  John Ross – WR Washington

U&G have 6 guys 30 years old or older, including 4 RBs. They are in desperate need of a youth infusion. This is what happens when you go all in to win, and don’t. There are enough RB bodies to select a WR here. Ross recorded the fastest 40 time in combine history. Ross needs a lot of refinement in his game, but his top end speed should keep him on the field. He could be a guy to blow past defenders and collect a long TD on a regular basis.

Speed kills. Ross could be tempting enough to take earlier, but is still raw making this an appropriate slot for him.


Pick 1.9 – Mush (from American Dream) – Alvin Kamara RB Tennessee

It’s no surprise to see Dusty Rhoades, The Real American Dream, dealing his pick. He’s as trade active as anyone. Mush already selected a young WR and Kamara would be another nice piece to develop. Mush owns RB New Orleans Mark Ingram, but handcuffs, especially young handcuffs, are still viable in fantasy land.  Based on this mock, Mush doesn’t add an immediate impact player, but selecting these two would be a good step to future success.

Kamara is a talented player, with good size and speed.


Pick 1.10.- U&G (from GUDG trough CC)-  TE OJ Howard 

Jimmy Graham is one of the aforementioned 30 year olds for U&G.  Howard would be a his eventual replacement, if he pans out. TE is the hardest position to project. If a player does one thing (catching, blocking etc) poorly he may find himself off of the field. Howard is one of the most talent TEs to come out of the draft in several years. He could easily go sooner, but based on past drafts this is where top TEs get selected.

Typically, as Jimmy Graham goes, U&G goes… hopefully Howard can step in those big shoes in the near future


Pick 1.11 – Breaking Bradshaw – RB Kareem Hunt – Toledo

The commissioner led Breaking Bradshaw admitting has concerns at RB. Coming off his first division title, BB will be looking to keep momentum in his favor. Hunt is rising up sleeper and draft boards, and may be able to help keep those good BB vibes going. Kanas City has shown a willingness to use multiple RBs and Hunt appears to be in line for playing time. Spencer Ware has proven to be good, but not good enough to monopolize RB reps.

Picking this late, adding a guy like Hunt is a win for BB.


Pick 1.12 – Drugged LLamas – RB D’Onta Foreman – Texas

The Llamas are coming of their second DyNasty championship and have a very talented roster. Foreman has had some off-field issues since being drafted but they appear to be clearing themselves up. Even if Foreman ends up being suspended, the Llamas can afford to hold him. Foreman is another big back, who was extremely productive in college. The biggest concern for Foreman is that he doesn’t always play big. His size/speed combo still makes him a solid pick

There are still interesting players on the board, but Foreman is worth the gamble.













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