2018 Dy-Nasty Baseball Season Recap

The first half decade of Dy-Nasty Baseball has wrapped up, with You Down With Prospecting? capturing their first league title, knocking off the defending champion Fighting Banana Slugs, 684.73-469.6. As the old saying goes, “to be the champ, you gotta beat the champ,” and that’s exactly what happened.

You Down With Prospecting? was led offensively in 2018 by shortstop Francisco Lindor and on the mound by starting pitcher Jacob DeGrom.

As of the conclusion of the league season, DeGrom was the highest overall scorer, amassing 1,341.6 total points. Not surprisingly, Mike Trout was the pace setter for hitters, racking up 1,166.5 points for the Fighting Banana Slugs despite missing some time on the disabled list.

Also qualifying for the playoffs in Dy-Nasty’s fifth anniversary season: former league champion Clown Question Bros. (2x) and Cheating Brew Crew, as well as the Capital City Impalers and Unicorns & Glitter.

The Pottstown Ironmen and Rocky Mtn Oysters just barely missed the postseason, finishing 11-9 and one game behind the Fighting Banana Slugs for the final playoff spot.

Here are the top 10 overall scoring hitters for the 2018 season, as of the final Sunday of the season:

  1. OF Mike Trout, Fighting Banana Slugs – 1,166.5 pts
  2. OF J.D. Martinez, Clown Question Bros. – 1,151.8 pts
  3. OF Mookie Betts, Cheating Brew Crew – 1,150.9 pts
  4. 2B/3B Jose Ramirez, Cheating Brew Crew – 1,148 pts
  5. SS/3B Alex Bregman, Capital City Impalers – 1,102.3 pts
  6. 1B Paul Goldschmidt, Fighting Banana Slugs – 1,098.5 pts
  7. SS/3B Manny Machado, Unicorns & Glitter – 1,044.4 pts
  8. SS Francisco Lindor, You Down With Prospecting? – 1,039.1 pts
  9. 1B/2B/3B Matt Carpenter, Capital City Impalers – 1,003.2 pts
  10. OF Christian Yelich, Beach Bum – 998.1 pts

And here are the top 10 overall pitchers:

  1. SP Jacob DeGrom, You Down With Prospecting? – 1,341.6 pts
  2. SP Max Scherzer, Fighting Banana Slugs – 1,281.03 pts
  3. SP Justin Verlander, Capital City Impalers  1,164.2 pts
  4. SP Patrick Corbin, Unicorns & Glitter – 1,138.8 pts
  5. SP Gerrit Cole, Capital City Impalers – 1,131.67 pts
  6. SP Aaron Nola, Unicorns & Glitter – 1,123.43 pts
  7. SP Chris Sale, Clown Question Bros. – 1,054.2 pts
  8. SP Trevor Bauer, Quad City DJs – 1,038 pts
  9. SP Corey Kluber, Fighting Banana Slugs – 1,036.1 pts
  10. SP Blake Snell, Gardner Variety – 962.8 pts

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