2015 DyNasty OPPR: Catcher


Catcher seems to be a pretty cut and dry position. After Buster Posey, there is drop off in offense to the Carlos Santana’s and Jonathan LuCroy’s of the world…and then after that is…nothingness. In an effort to protect team assets, organizations have moved the offensive forces from the behind the plate (including Carlos Santana), and put them at positions are they are much less valuable for fantasy purposes. But we still need to fill those spots. In fact, all 16 teams in our league have to fill those spots and want to do it the best the possibly can. The following is an Organizational Positional Power Ranking for the catcher position for the 2015 seasonDisclaimer: These rankings are done as of the date of this post, March 24th, 2015. Any roster changes afterwards are not accounted for. I’ve also decided to only write about the top three and bottom three from each position. I’m not good enough of a writer to write more.

1. Who’s Your Haddy?

Options: Buster Posey, Yadier Molina, Andrew Susac

The position starts and ends with Buster Posey. Easily the best offensive force behind the plate today, there is nothing else I need to say about him. It’s also hugely beneficial for WYH that he has Yadier Molina, another very quality offensive catcher. Some teams in this league would do anything to have one of them, let alone two. Susac will be the backup catcher to Posey and start when Posey plays at first.

2. Cheating Brew Crew

Options: Carlos Santana, Kurt Suzuki, Max Pentecost, Nick Ciuffo

CBC caught a break this year when the league voted to change the number of games required for a player to be eligible for a position. Santana caught 11 games in 2014 keeping him eligble for this year. Ride him at the spot while you can, given that Kurt Suzuki is a .300 OBP catcher and your secondary option…at least as it exists on this current team. Pentecost is a pretty good prospect coming out of the 2014 draft, but he wasn’t going to contribute this year and he had shoulder surgery this offseason, further delaying his March towards the big leagues.

3. Beach Bum

Options: John Jaso, Russell Martin, Reese McGuire, Chance Sisco

Jaso is another bat that, like Santana, will probably be losing his catching eligibility after this season as the A’s plan on using him as an outfielder and DH this year. No matter, as he qualifies at catcher for 2015, and even if he didn’t, BB has Russell Martin to fill in the catching spot. He’s got a new home in Toronto but has seemingly taken the job from Dioner Navarro who has been forced to the DH role, at best. McGuire and Sisco find themselves in that same Max Pentecost conversation, minus the injury. Both are only 20 years old and haven’t had an at bat above High-A. They are not going to help this season.

4. Unicorns & Glitter

Options: Devin Mesoraco, Chris Iannetta

5. Homerun Mafia

Options: Jonathan Lucroy, Jarrod Saltalamacchia, Tom Murphy, Chase Vallot

6. Quad City DJs

Options: Evan Gattis, Peter O’Brien, Wilin Rosario

7. Down with OBP?

Options: Yan Gomes, Yasmani Grandal, Christian Vazquez, Kevin Plawecki

8. Fighting Banana Slugs

Options: Travis d’Arnaud, Jason Castro

9. Lafayette Hill Haters

Options: Wilson Ramos, Jorge Alfaro

10. Capital City Impalers

Options: Salvador Perez, Miguel Montero

11. Clown Question Bros

Options: Derek Norris, Mike Zunino

12. Philadelphia Flartners

Options: Dioner Navarro

13. Eville Kodiaks

Options: Matt Wieters, Josmil Pinto, Geovany Soto, Clint Coulter, Jakson Reetz

14. Gardner Variety

Options: Brian McCann, Tyler Flowers, Justin O’Conner

I’ve personally always been a big fan of Brian McCann, just never publicly admitted it since he was a Brave. Being a Yankee doesn’t make it that much easier, but c’est la via. Unfortunately, he suffered a concussion in August and just had an all around poor season (.692 OPS). He’s 31 and is going to be their starting catcher, but if he doesn’t start to hit again…GV may find themselves in a bad spot, because I’d bet dollars to donuts that Geovanny Soto is the starting catcher over the terrible Tyler Flowers in Chicago by June 1st.

15. Rocky Mountain Oysters

Options: Stephen Vogt, Nick Hundley, JT Realmuto, Austin Hedges, Gary Sanchez

Vogt had a really big June and July when he burst onto the scene last year, but did absolutely nothing with his final 100 or so at bats in 2014. RMO are really banking that Vogt is what he showed in June and July and not what he was in August and September, given that they drafted and then traded Yasmani Grandal. Lots of prospecting on the squad with Realmuto, Hedges and Sanchez, but Realmuto may be the only one to see any major league action in 2015.

16. Pottstown Ironmen

Options: Carlos Ruiz, Christian Bethancourt, Blake Swihart

Carlos Ruiz is very old and will be catching less on a National League Squad. Christian Bethancourt is a “legendary” defensive backstop that can’t hit worth a lick. Blake Swihart might be up by July if he mashes, but the catching hole is nothing but a hole for the Ironmen for the 2015 season.

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